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2mm Powder Coated Alloy
External Dimensions
Height: 600mm
Width: 260mm

Internal Dimensions
575mm (Trolley Mode)
600mm (Cavity Mode)
Width: 220mm between raised side walls
Width B: 250mm with raised false floor
Depth: 475mm

Weight A: 6.62kg
Includes Full Unit (Cavity/False Floor/4 x Castor Wheels/4 x Sling Cavity Sliders

Weight B: 4.98kg
Cavity Only (Without False Floor/Sling Cavity Sliders or Castor Wheels):

False Floor
2mm Powder Coated Alloy
Width: 220mm
Length: 470mm
Height: 30mm
Weight: 700gms

Sling Cavity Slider Set of 4 (for PC Tower Trolley Mode
2mm Powder Coated Alloy
Width: 35mm
Length: 225mm
Height: 15mm
Weight: 240gms

Castor Wheels (Set of 4)
Type: 50 x 21 swivel with brake P/N LJP50 / LKPBR. M5 x 12mm Pan head screws with Hex nuts and washers.
Diameter: 50mm
Width: 21mm
Weight: 820gms (205gms each

PC Tower Cavity and Trolley Unit

Expected to ship by the end of February 2023
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