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Hi there, my name is Clint Gleeson, owner and founder of an Australain business called BLACKBOX GAMING SYSTEMS ® Pty Ltd, aka BGS. When I first commenced business operations in 2016, until recently, BGS was a Mobile Interactive Entertainment Service for the ACT and the surrounding NSW regions, essentially a mobile console gaming party service and shortly after expanded my activities to small and large events including pop culture festivals.

The core of my business and something that I have been developing since commencement is the 4 Player Console Gaming Table, from the steel, unpainted and industrial looking V1 Concept design, only ever used for initial business promotions, through to the V3 design, a light weight, powder coated, cool looking, easy to set up and with the first Centralised Cable Management Bay system.

Now BGS is focusing solely on the sales of my latest table design, namely the BGS Modular Console and PC Gaming Table.

It is my belief that the Console and PC Gaming Industries need a table like this, in particular console gamers, which you could say have  been left in the dark in regards to a single player and multi user table for their gaming space/area and because of the fast growing console based eSport industry, a need for a decent Multiplayer (MP) gaming set up.

The BGS Modular Console and PC Gaming Table is a World First, it’s unique, it looks cool, its customisable and it is full of features. It is purpose built for the Console Gamer in mind and PC Gamers get to enjoy all the features as well, including the Centralised Cable Management Bay (CMB) which allows you to hide away a huge amount of cabling, power boards and External Hard Drives, Sound Bar and lighting etc..

This table can hold any and many game consoles, in any configuration, thus it’s extremely versatile, due to the BGS add on products (sold separately), namely the BGS PC Tower Cavity and Trolley Unit, BGS Tower Console Cavity (for PS5 and Vertical XBox Series X) and the BGS Standard (Box Style) Console Cavity for the Horizontal XBox Series X and all previous generation game consoles.

Personalise your gaming Space or set up a unique and stylised multiplayer gaming session such as 4 player teams on each table or by joining two of these tables together side by side (Broadside Mode or End to End Mode)to give a sleek long look for two x 3 Player Teams such as for a FORNITE Online Local Session.

Whether it’s for the solo gamer, the 4 player session, or even 6 players and beyond using even more tables for Pop Up Gaming areas at Pop Culture and eSports events, this BGS table is the only choice.

Table and Cavity sales coming soon via the to BGS Store (currently under construction).

Until the Store is ready please take the opportunity to browse the Gallery Pages so you can see a selection of different table configurations, including Single User, 4 Player and even the 6 Player Table System in both Broadside and End to End modes (at different set up stages). You can also find out more about the table and cavities on the BGS Product Breakdown Page.

Keep an eye out for BGS update posts on Both Instagram and Facebook, as well as the occasional upload on YouTube.

All Intellectual Property, Creativity and Copyright © of this Product belongs to BLACKBOX GAMING SYSTEMS Pty Ltd. 2016-2023. ABN 24 615 194 959. BLACKBOX GAMING SYSTEMS Business Name and Logo are both a Registered ® Trademark™️

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