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2mm thick Powder Coated Alloy Components with 1.6m thick Steel Frame

Matte Black Table Top with Steel Leg Mounts plus pre assembled Gold Console Cavity Track System

Table Width: 1000mm
Table Length: 1400mm
Edge Height: 35mm

Weight: 19.8kg

Cable Management Bay (CMB)
2mm Gold Powder Coated Alloy

CMB Width: 280mm
CMB Length: 540mm
CMB Height: 220mm
Weight: 2.640kg

Cable Management Bay Lid
2mm Gold Powder Coated Alloy
Width: 263mm
Length: 50mm
Weight: 540gms

Adoored Steel Round Legs x 4 (not a BGS Product)
Diameter: 60mm
Length: 740mm /750mm /760mm etc. up to 870mm.. options
Level/Height Screw Adjusting Feet
Weight: 855gms x 4 (based on default 740mm length).
Total Weight: 3.42kgs

BGS Corner Leg Brace x 4
2mm Powder Coated Alloy
Width: 65mm
Length: 65mm
Height: 100mm
Weight: 120gms x 4
Total Weight: 480gms

BGS Modular Console and PC Gaming Table

Expected to ship within 6 weeks of pre-order (will be notified on shipment.
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