ACT & Surrounding Regions
Plug & Play Pricing Packages
Sydney, S Coast & Wagga Attract Additional Costs

BGS 6 Player PS4 Console Gaming Table
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BGS Modular Console Gaming Table System Hire
4 Player - Single Table
(Choice of PS4/XBox One Consoles or Combo)
Up to 3.5hrs: $400.00 
6 Player - Two Tables Joined Together
(Choice of PS4/XBox One Consoles or Combo)
Up to 3.5hrs: $500.00

8 Player - Two Separate Tables
(PS4/XBox One Combo based on availability)
Up to 3.5hrs: $650.00 
Prices for events over 3.5hrs are negotiable
NINTENDO Switch Gaming Console

NINTENDO Switch Multiplayer Station (up to 8 players) - Add On $150.00


BGS V3 Console Gaming Table Hire (per day)
1 x 4 Player Table - $100.00
2 x 4 Player Table - $175.00
3 x 4 Player Table - $250.00
4 x 4 player Table - $325.00



PlayStation VR System/s Add On

Single PSVR Experience Station - $200.00

Dual PSVR Experience Station - $275.00

4, 6 & 8 Player represents console numbers only and does not restrict amount of gaming participants.  Seats provided.

Hiring of tables without consoles/monitors also being considered so ask for details if interested.
Payments can be made by either Cash or Electronic Transfer