Use of BLACKBOX GAMING SYSTEMS (BGS) equipment is part of the event being held and encouraged.

However, BGS has a policy for the use of said equipment whereby the event host and participants must ensure that they:

  • comply with current Australian legislation;

  • use BGS equipment, any gaming software provided, firmware and accounts in an acceptable manner; and

  • do not create unnecessary business risk to the business by misuse of the gaming servers or related internet functionality.



Unacceptable behaviour

The following behaviours by an event host (client) or event participants are considered unacceptable:

  • use of any BGS equipment required for use at an event in a rough or unacceptable manner;

  • attempting to access console or account admin menus or changing console or account settings without direct advice from BGS staff;

  • breaking into the console system/account or unauthorised use of a profile and/or password/s;

  • broadcasting unsolicited personal views on social, political, religious or other non-business related matters;

  • transmitting unsolicited commercial or advertising material;

  • undertaking deliberate activities that waste BGS staff effort or networked resources; and

  • introducing any form of disruptive elements or computer virus or malware into the BGS owned equipment/hardware/gaming software/firmware or BGS related gaming systems/corporate systems/network/s.




Before any BGS event commences, the client will be required to read through and if in agreeance with, then sign/date the BLACKBOX GAMING SYSTEMS Terms and Conditions.